Belief and Doubt Multi-part Curation

Part 1:

After reading the article by Edward Harrison, prof. of Physics and Astronomy at U. of Massachusetts, I was a little confused by all of the information that was presented to be by this professor.  The main point that jumped out at me was “unfailingly, human beings pity their ancestors for being so ignorant and forget that their descendants will pity them for the same reason.”  The reason why this jumped out at me was because I have always thought that we as humans learn form past mistakes like World Wars and Economic Disasters.  We say that after having experienced that particular scenario that it is written down that things like it would never happen again, but after doing some research, I discovered that this quote is in fact accurate.  Accurate in the sense that we haven’t seemed to have learned from past mistakes.  After World War 2 there was the Korean War and then Vietnam; after the 1930 economic crash there was another one in the 1970’s and then one very recently in 2008.  So the quote has validity, our ancestors would laugh at us because we are making the same mistakes that they were.  Professor Harrison also mentioned in his paper that “the creative mind fashions the world in which we live.” This quote suggests that since we haven’t really learned from past mistakes then I guess that our minds aren’t as creative as we take credit for.  If we were to become truly creative, then we could stop having wars and economic disasters because we would see that taking risks with war and the economy isn’t the way to treat our world.


Part 2: Reaction to PSA

I am totally shocked by this video.  Even though it is biased it still brings up a lot of good points about belief and doubt.  For example in order to draw attention way from health concerns on smoking and cigarettes, tobacco companies went at it with the mindset of informing the public that the scientists don’t entirely know the science either.  By conveying this message to consumers tobacco companies were able to plant that idea of doubt, which in turn allowed for growing sales. The people who made this happen with the cigarette companies also were, for some time, able to convey the same idea of doubt into the public minds when the issue of climate change surfaced.  I feel that this a not a noble way to treat real issues like global change and health due to cigarettes.  These marketing and research companies should tell the facts and not only fragments.


Par 3: On the internet

this video is of a Dyson vacuum but the main issue with this is that they claim to have been able to make a vacuum that has twice the suction than any other.

Part 4: Twitter

Global Warming issue


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